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Admin Settings

The Cluvio Admin Settings are only accessible to admin users. It is here that you can manage your Cluvio account and review your account and subscription information. To access admin settings, use the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Cluvio UI.

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The Organization section allows updating company details and reviewing legal and compliance information related to your Cluvio account.

Company Details

In the company details you can update your company name and primary contact e-mail address. You can also opt-out or opt-in to product e-mails sent by Cluvio about new features, updates, tips & tricks.

Company Details Company Details

In the Legal & Compliance section you can see your Cluvio Account Location and get information about the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Legal & Compliance Legal & Compliance

The Cluvio Account Location determines where Cluvio stores & processes all data related to your account.

The GDPR Data Processing Amendment can be accepted electronically or chosen as not applicable for your organization.

Account Secrets

Every organization in Cluvio is assigned an account secret that can be used for secure embedding of dashboards. You use the secret to authenticate JWT tokens that allow your embedded dashboards to access Cluvio's APIs.

Account Secret Account Secret

If you choose to reset the secret via Reset Secret (e.g. because it may be compromised or as a routing security measure), a new secret is generated while the old secret remains valid for 24 hours.


The Users section of the admin settings gives an overview of all users in your Cluvio organization.

Users Users

For each user, you see the name, e-mail address and, towards the right-hand side, the user's role. The gear icon opens a menu with various administrative actions available for that user, described below.

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Invite Users

To invite a new user to your Cluvio organization, select Invite User and provide the user's e-mail address.

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The e-mail address can be any e-mail addresses in domains registered with your Cluvio organization. The only initially registered domain is the domain of the e-mail address used to sign up for Cluvio. For example, if the Cluvio organization was originally created by, only users with e-mail addresses in the domain can be invited.

Additional E-Mail Domains

You can request additional domains to be added to your Cluvio organization if you are on the Business or Enterprise plan, or if you are on the Pro plan and the additional domain(s) belong to your organization. Please contact

Role & Groups

To manage a user's permissions in Cluvio, select Role & Groups from the actions drop-down menu.

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The following roles can be assigned:

  • Admin: Users with the Admin role have full access to the Cluvio account and can manage other users.
  • Analyst: Users with the Analyst role have no access to the admin settings, but full access to the organization settings. They can create reports and dashboards and view all dashboards that they created or that have been shared with them by other analysts or admins.
  • Viewer: Users with the Viewer role have no access to the admin settings or organization settings and cannot create dashboards and reports. They can only view dashboards that are shared with them.

When shared with all users, every user of the organization, regardless of role, can access the dashboard. User groups can be used to further manage access to dashboards by organizing the organization's users into functional groups and sharing dashboards only with specific groups.

Remove Two-Factor Authentication

Administrators can remove two-factor authentication from any user's account, for example to assist with account recovery. To completely remove a user's two-factor authentication, such that a login requires only the password, select Remove 2FA from the user actions drop-down menu. As an administrator, for additional security, you will be prompted to enter your own password for confirmation.

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Two-factor authentication should only be removed upon request of a user and only after verifying the authenticity of the request, to protect against social engineering. After removing two-factor authentication for a user, that user should be advised to reconfigure two-factor authentication after successful login as soon as possible.

User Groups

Plan Restriction

Available on the Business plan (see Pricing)

User groups can be used to better organize the sharing of dashboards within your Cluvio organization. With user groups, you can define or restrict which users have access to which dashboards based on their group membership. You can even create user groups for external users, such as your investors or customers.

User Groups User Groups

The groups All Users and All Analysts are built-in and cannot be removed. To add a new group, select Add Group, enter a name and (optionally) a description and click Save.

To add or remove members in the group, select Members from the group's actions drop-down menu.

image-500 image-500

To add or remove dashboards shared with a group, select Shared Dashboards from the group's actions drop-down menu.

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In the Billing section you can see and manage your Cluvio subscription.

Subscription Subscription