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Tips & Tricks

Here you can find a few tips and tricks for developing embedded dashboard solutions.


When viewing a sharing link in the web browser, the global window object has a cluvioHelp() function that prints a help message, including a summary of the available actions and events that your application can use to interact with the embedded Cluvio dashboard. The function can be invoked from the browser's developer console:

Cluvio Help

To get more information on a particular action or event, use the name of the action or event as an argument to cluvioHelp().

Cluvio Help Action or Event


When viewing a sharing link with a sharingSecret in the web browser, the global variable cluvioDecodedSecret contains the decoded sharingSecret JWT used by the dashboard. Inspect it to verify that the sharingSecret was properly constructed and contains all the intended fixed_parameters or to troubleshoot errors.

Cluvio Decoded Secret

Hiding reports dynamically

When using sharingSecret, you can easily hide one or more reports on a dashboard dynamically by including a hidden_reports value. This is an array of report ids that should not be displayed on the dashboard. Here is an example:

A normal dashboard embed:

The same dashboard with some reports hidden using:

"sharing_token": "fc77dd26-1b9d-417d-9489-518bc4ab7431",
"exp": "4833430604",
"hidden_reports": ["8yqp-m4w4-zlx2", "d91g-7p30-zy4q", "1n07-lgly-2mq8", "ywpn-7v62-zqkv"]