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Scheduled E-Mails

Scheduled e-mails allow the sharing of rendered snapshots or the raw data of a report or dashboard in regular intervals with people both inside and outside of your Cluvio organization.

Plan Restriction

Scheduled e-mails are not available on the Free plan (see Pricing).

To share a dashboard or a single report via a scheduled e-mail, select Share via Email from the dashboard actions or report actions menu.

image-200 image-200

Alternatively, create a new e-mail schedule from the schedules overview page in the organization settings.

A dialog opens for creating a new schedule.

image-500 image-500


The schedule can be set as Disabled, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

  • A Disabled schedule will not send any e-mails.
  • A Daily schedule will send e-mails once a day, at a specified time of day (interpreted in the organization time zone).
  • A Weekly schedule will send e-mails once a week, at a specified day of week and time of day (interpreted in the organization time zone).
  • A Monthly schedule will send e-mails once a month, at a specified day of the month and time of day (interpreted in the organization time zone).


The recipients of a scheduled e-mail can be any e-mail addresses in domains registered with your Cluvio organization. The only initially registered domain is the domain of the e-mail address used to sign up for Cluvio. For example, if the Cluvio organization was originally created by, the recipients can be any e-mail address in the domain

Additional E-Mail Domains

You can request additional domains to be added to your Cluvio organization if you are on the Business or Enterprise plan, or if you are on the Pro plan and the additional domain(s) belong to your organization. Please contact


The following files can be added as attachments in scheduled e-mails:

  • A rendered image (PNG), both in light and dark mode and as an "inline" image. An inline image is embedded and rendered directly in the e-mail, if the receiving e-mail client supports it.
  • A rendered PDF, both in light and dark mode.
  • The raw data in CSV format. For a complete dashboard, the CSV files of all reports on the dashboard are bundled in a .zip archive that is attached to the e-mail.
  • The raw data as Excel sheets (.xlsx).

The attachments are newly created whenever the schedule triggers the sending of a new e-mail.

Attachment Size

The size of all attachments of a scheduled e-mail cannot be larger than 20 MiB. If the size limit is exceeded, Cluvio drops some attachments so that the scheduled e-mail can be sent successfully. Additionally, an e-mail is sent to the organization's contact e-mail address to inform about the attachment size limit violation for the schedule. When receiving such an e-mail, please review the configuration of your schedule and consider removing some attachments.

Slack Integration

Scheduled e-mails can be used to send to Slack channels. This functionality uses the Slack Email App and a specifically created mail-in e-mail address. When we send e-mails to Slack e-mail addresses, we format it so that it renders correctly in Slack. Please note:

  • The targeted Slack channels can be both public or private.
  • The e-mails sent to slack are sent separately from regular user e-mails, so in case you enable the option "Hide this address" in Slack, it is not exposed in the To: field of the e-mail.
  • You can also use this functionality for SQL Alerts: The alert e-mail is also adjusted to work correctly in Slack.

You can find the full details on how to configure the Slack email app here. What follows is a brief overview of the steps involved:

  1. Install the Email app on your Slack account:

  2. Create a new integration setting and select a channel that should receive the emails:


  3. Use the email address in your dashboard schedules.


  4. Try it out.