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Number Chart

A number chart displays one or more numbers, optionally with the delta to another (e.g. previous) value.

image-400 image-400

Data Requirements

The Number chart is available if the query result has one or two rows of data, each with 1-8 numerical columns. The values in the first row are interpreted as the "current" values and the values in the (optional) second row are interpreted as the "previous" values. For example, a query result such as


produces the following number chart (with default configuration)

image-400 image-400

Interactive Features

When hovering with the cursor over a number chart, the current and previous value (if present) are shown in a tooltip. The labels used in the tooltip can originate from another result column, see Configuration.

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If configured with a drill-down, clicking on the current value or the delta can result in settings a filter value on the same or a different dashboard.


The Number chart configuration has the following general options:

Number Chart Config Number Chart Config

  • S, M, L, XL: Preset sizes for the numbers shown.
  • Horizontal, Vertical: If multiple numbers (i.e. multiple rows) are shown, they can be either horizontally or vertically aligned.
  • Chart Alignment: Whether the entire chart should be left-aligned, centered or right-aligned.
  • Display Title: Whether the column names should be shown as titles above the numbers.
  • Human Column Titles: Whether the titles, if shown, should use human-friendly capitalization.


In the Columns section the formatting of the numeric columns (and deltas, if a previous value exists) is configured. Note that you can choose to hide result columns that are not intended to be shown but e.g. used in a drill-down or conditional formatting.

image-300 image-300

If a result column that is hidden (by choosing the - option), the Use label as tooltip option is available. If enabled, the values of that column are used as the tooltip labels rather than the default labels Current value and Previous value.


A drill-down action on a number chart can be used to apply a value (typically the shown number, but any result column can be used) as a filter value on the same or a different dashboard when selected, thus making the number chart an interactive filter control.

image-300 image-300

Conditional Formatting

The Conditional Format section allows configuring formatting rules for the numbers shown based on conditions on any result column.

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