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Word Cloud Chart

A word cloud chart displays textual values in relation to each other, where different values can have different weights and thus a different size. This concept is also known as a tag cloud.

Word Cloud chartWord Cloud chart

Data Requirements

The word cloud chart is available if the query results contain a textual column and optionally a numerical column whose values can be interpreted as the "weight" of the textual value. For example, a query result such as


produces a word cloud chart that looks as follows (with the default configuration)

image-500 image-500

Interactive Features


When hovering the cursor over a term, a tooltip is shown with the text and weight of the term and, if present, information from additional result columns.

image-500 image-500


The following options are available for the general word cloud chart configuration:

image-150 image-150

  • Tooltips: Whether tooltips are enabled.


The column configuration determines which result column is used for the "words" and which is used for the "values" (i.e. weights). The values of any additional columns are only displayed as part of tooltips (if enabled).

image-300 image-300

Additional Options

The following additional options are available in the word cloud chart configuration:

image-300 image-300

  • Max number of words: The maximum number of words (1-100) that are included in the chart. Only the words with the n largest values ("weights") will be shown.


A drill-down can be configured for the word cloud chart, so that when clicking on a word a filter value is applied on the same or a different dashboard.

image-300 image-300

Use Navigate to to select the target dashboard of the drill-down action. If the target dashboard is not the same dashboard that the word cloud chart is on, the UI navigates to the chosen dashboard.

In the Apply filters section, select one or more filters from the target dashboard and for each a column whose value should be applied to it when the user performs the drill-down.