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Dashboard Drill-Downs


A drill-down is a link in an interactive report chart on a dashboard that allows further filtering of the results or navigation to another dashboard. Drill-downs have various use-cases:

  • As an intuitive approach to changing filters on the current dashboard, rather than having to use the primary dashboard filter bar. For example, to configure a master / detail selection within a single dashboard, where a selection on one chart determines the details shown in another chart.
  • For navigation to an expanded or more detailed view for specific data provided by another dashboard.


When selecting a chart type in the report editor and the chart type supports the configuration of drill-downs, there is a Drill-Down section next to the column configuration, as in the following example:


In general, a drill-down is configured by choosing a target dashboard and the filters to apply on that dashboard. The chart element that becomes interactive for the drill-down is either predefined or can be chosen (e.g. a table column in a table chart). The values for the filters to apply on the target dashboard can typically be chosen from any result column. For further details, please refer to the chart-type specific drill-down configuration: